What was Noticings?

Noticings was a game about learning to look at the world around you.

Cities are wonderful places, and everybody finds different things in them. Some of us like to take pictures of interesting, unusual, or beautiful things we see, but many of use are moving so fast through the urban landscape we don't take in the things around us.

Noticings was a game played by going a bit slower, and having a look around you. You got points for just noticing things, and bonuses for interesting coincidences.

Why did you shut it down?

Noticings was always a side-project, and a platform for experimentation. It could never scale to a large user base, and integrating closely with a service like Flickr proved to be tricky at times. A number of issues with Flickr search frustrated users who found their photos were occasionally missed, and these issues were magnified as the number of users grew.

Eventually, we simply ran out of the time and energy to do the game justice. Sometimes it's best to cut things off and move on.

What's going to happen to the site?

The site will remain online as long as we can. It has been rendered down the flat HTML files, so there's little overhead in maintaining it, other than paying the hosting bill.

All of the incoming links will still work, but we've had to disable some of the features. You can no longer log in, for example, or search for places.

What's going to happen to the game?

Even though no-one will be getting points, we're sure people will still take pleasure from noticing things as they wander around, and sharing those on Flickr. You could do worse than check out the noticings tag.

What's going to happen to the iPhone app?

The iPhone app is still a great Flickr uploader, and we'll be adding a few more features to make it suitable for uses other than Noticings too. It will still be available and probably keep the same name.

Anything else?

Thanks for playing.