Noticings - Goin' Postal In The Rain by 28181728@n07 mountaineaglecrafter

Noticings - Goin' Postal In The Rain

I Noticed this sign while running some errands ... and laughed so hard I spilled my soda. So, into the parking lot ...

Despite the slogan, this is NOT a shop name that makes me think "Yeah! I gotta do bidness with them ASAP!" It's more a case of wondering whether they'll still be open the next time I go down that street. Heh.

Taking pictures through a windshield in the nighttime rain does not make for a good sharp focus. Especially when someone pulls up behind you and starts blaring their horn. (I have no idea why, I wasn't blocking him. Maybe he thinks he owns the parking spot.)

I managed to refrain from yelling "Hey! Keep your shirt on dude! I'm taking a Noticing here! And it's a fricking 365 too! Just hold on a second!!!!!" My yelling might've resulted in some "goin' postal" ...

January 17, 2010. 17/365

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