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Saturday 26th June 2010

Sunday 28th February 2010

Monday 22nd February 2010

  • 4379838938_a12a5305bd_s by Meg Pickard scored 10 for being noticed.
  • 4379056449_c169224868_s by Meg Pickard scored 15 for being noticed and being noticed near another player's noticing.

Thursday 19th November 2009

  • 4117723805_157e0710a1_s Lost glove by sharonodea scored 40 for being noticed, being this player's first noticing in the neighbourhood, and noticing something lost.

Tuesday 10th November 2009

  • 4092746745_f516429a3e_s by Meg Pickard scored 30 for being noticed and noticing something red.

Saturday 7th November 2009

Sunday 1st November 2009

Friday 30th October 2009

Tuesday 27th October 2009

  • 4050509694_df1d478b4d_s Lost by Meg Pickard scored 20 for being noticed and noticing something lost.

Sunday 25th October 2009

Sunday 18th October 2009

Friday 16th October 2009

Thursday 8th October 2009

Sunday 4th October 2009

Saturday 3rd October 2009

Sunday 27th September 2009

Wednesday 23rd September 2009