Jackpot Chasers

There is no feeling quite like winning the jackpot on an online slot, and for some players, it dictates which games they choose to play. Every slot will have a top payout that is fixed at a specific amount, but for adrenaline lovers, it has to be a progressive slot. Statistically, you are much more likely to win on a non-progressive machine, but that does not stop the thrill seekers from chasing life-changing amounts.

What Is A Slot Jackpot?

In a non-progressive slot, there will normally be a base game jackpot payout for landing specific symbols on the reels. However, it does not stop there, as the game will also have a maximum payout, which in some cases can be mega. The free spins, multipliers, wilds, and bonus rounds will all impact on this, so always check the features before you play.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

A progressive jackpot is a fund that can be linked across multiple machines or even networked across many casinos. It increases as people play, with each spin contributing to the growing jackpot, until somebody wins. Once this happens, the fund is reset to a minimum amount and starts to build up again. These mammoth funds, like the Mega Moolah jackpot, can grow into millions, providing some gripping play and breathtaking wins.

All of these progressive games will normally have paid out amounts over 1 million each at some point. Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming currently holds the record for the highest payout from an online slot. A lucky player received a massive €17.89 million win. The previous record was held by Mega Fortune slot, with a mouth-watering €17.8 million payout. NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming are the biggest providers of these addictive and engaging jackpot slots, so keep your eyes peeled.

Playing For A Big Win

For players who want the thrill of these giant wins, then progressive jackpot slots are the ultimate. However, also bear in mind that there are some normal games that also offer huge potential payouts. The jackpots on progressive slots will not always be high, so it is useful to check the average payout figures.The average timespan between the payouts is also a good indicator of how the jackpot builds and when the right time to play is!

Nothing beats the feeling of hitting the Jackpot